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The school community council would like to thank parents for their great support this year with fundraising and various events at the school.  The council is a very integral part of the school.  They support school goals and help ensure that the school is a safe, caring place for our children.  The S.C.C. invites all parents to become part of the membership and extends a warm invitation for parents to join in meetings, help plan goals, and share in the wonderful events that happen at Sacred Heart School.  


Please join us at meetings and help plan for a great 2021-2021 school year!


If you are curious about what the S.C.C. entails please read through our constitution.

Sacred Heart S.C.C. 2020-2021
Chairperson - Courtenay Smyth
Vice-Chairperson - Mark Nuell
Secretary - Jocelyn Steeves