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Educational Programs

Student Support Services
Students identified as not meeting educational outcomes are provided additional supports through our Student Support Services Teacher.  Our SSST works with classroom teachers and our school team to develop programs and instructional practices to help students succeed to expected levels.  The SSST also works either with individuals or small groups in pull-out situations, or works with the students or teacher in the regular classroom settings. 
Levelled Literacy
The Levelled Literacy Intervention System is a small group supplementary intervention plan designed for children who may find reading or writing difficult.  LLI is designed to bring children up to grade level competency.  The program is offered during regular class time but there is an at-home requirement for the program as well.
Elementary Band
Our band program is ran by Mr. Mitchell.  Students begin band in grade 6 and receive instruction during school hours.  If you would like any information regarding our Holy Trinity Elementary Band program please contact Mr. Mitchell at jim.mitchell@htcsd.ca