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Good day Parents and Caregivers,
I would like to send a big thank you to students, families, teachers, and staff as we continue to adjust to new ways of learning.  Your engagement and support to our children’s learning is absolutely amazing!  We realize that many of you have several children at home and are trying to balance your children’s education schedule, work, and family responsibilities.  We understand that this can be quite a challenge.  My staff and I appreciate the work you are doing with your children:  reading each day, practicing math skills, playing learning games, handing in assignments on Fresh Grade, meeting on Google Meets, and just spending time together!  It is wonderful to see so much family involvement, and we appreciate everything you are doing to help support our students in any way you can.
As you may have heard this week from our director, Sean Chase, and with the advice of Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer, school for our children will not resume for the remainder of this school year. Therefore, learning will continue remotely at this time.  With your help we will do our best to prepare your children and continue to develop their skills for the next academic year.  We realize that it is especially difficult for our grade 8 students.  We hope to provide our grade 8 class with some sense of closure through a digital celebration.  We will continue to explore these ideas.
We also understand that distant learning has presented many challenges in our homes, however, to support you with digital demands during this time, our team has created instructional videos for logging on to Google classrooms, Google meets, and digital programs.  Please reach out to your child’s teacher or me at any time to receive support with technology.  On that same note, Mrs. Osask, our literacy teacher, has created several videos to support families and students with a reading program, Raz Kids.  It is a student friendly program that works on reading strategies and helps children with comprehension skills.  It is easy to access and is set up for your child; it requires very little parent support.  So, on those busy days, please feel free to access this great resource. Here are the two videos Mrs. Osask has created:
Please note, that if these two videos are unable to open, it could be because your computer is not set to the proper setting.  We have it discovered this is a common problem, so I thought I should share it with everyone.
You need to go to the settings on your computer if it isn’t taking you directly to chrome to open links.
1.       Go to Settings
2.       Choose Default Apps from the left
3.       On the right find the web browser (mine was set to Microsoft Edge)
4.       Click it and choose chrome instead.
5.       Done!
I would also like to add, I have just received a note from Mrs. Trodd, our Kindergarten teacher.  She informed me that our Kindergarten students have read over 500 books on the online resource, EPIC!  Congratulations Kindergarten students!  Keep on developing those pre-literacy skills.  EPIC is another wonderfully easy-to-use reading resource. 
To stay connected with the school community, please join us on Google Meets.  Through Google Meets we can help students with assignments, answer questions, and it also gives your children a chance to see their friends!  It also makes the staff really happy to be able to see everyone, so please do it for them too.  I cannot express to you how much my staff and I miss your children!
I had no idea when school ended during mid-March that I would be sending you a note that stated school would not return for the year.  This time has really challenged our resilience.  I can only say how blessed I feel to be a part of such a great school team and family community.  Psychologist, Jody Carrington, often says, “we are wired to do hard things!”  On behalf of all the staff, I would like to thank you for your constant support and for showing us so much strength and perseverance during this time.  We are all in this together. If you need anything, please reach out to us! You can also call 211 or visit for support at this time. The Food Bank and Hunger in Moose Jaw would also like you to know they are available if needed.  Please feel free to reach out at 306- 692-1916.
Rita Giroux B.Ed, M.Ed

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How has Holy Trinity Catholic School Division successfully met the needs of students and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic AND what actions might we consider as we strive to continuously improve our response?
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HTCSD Distance Learning Plan March 2020

This document is designed to describe the actions and approach the Holy Trinity Catholic School Division will take in anticipation of an extended suspension of classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This Distance Learning Plan (DLP) was created to provide a flexible distance learning framework that is responsive to student, family and staff needs while considering the extraordinary circumstances.

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