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Principal’s Message

October 2, 2020
Hello Parents!
I can’t believe it is October already!  Time flies!  It has been a busy month with getting used to routines and a schedule. I know it is hard on some of our children to experience a five-day week and getting up early, doing chores and homework and going to bed early, when we have been home for the last six months.  Trust me when I say, I see some of my staff dragging their feet on Friday afternoon as well, myself included.
It has been an interesting month and although it has gone quickly, we have accomplished a lot. We have been benchmarking and assessing students and trying to get an idea of where all our students are performing at this time.  Not only are we busy getting to know our students and building school routines, we have been busy implementing COVID routines as well.  So far so good!  I want to take this time to thank you for your support and cooperation during this time.  We appreciate you support and willingness to collaboration!  Having your support means so much to us!
Just want to relay a few messages on behalf our of staff.  We thank you for providing a mask and water bottle for our children.  This has been going very well.  Just a reminder to have your children wash their masks and water bottle regularly.  We are asking that no juice or ice-tea be brought to school at this time.
We also appreciate your cooperation in having students arriving at 8:45 in the morning and picking up your students at the end of the day.  This has been going very well as students enter when they arrive, sanitize and go to class.  This has created a very calm and smooth start to our day. We also feel our dismissal, and the process of meeting students on the front lawn is also going well.  Please remember, if you are scheduled to enter the school or need to enter the school for any reason, it is mandatory procedure that you complete a COVID screen prior to entering the school by the office personnel.
I absolutely love that Sacred Heart students want to walk, ride or scooter their way to school. As many of you may already know, in the past, we have had several bikes being stolen from our yard.  Those taking the bikes are cutting locks or the fence which they are fastened.  Right now, we are parking our bikes in the gym.
Mr. Froehlich and I have ordered new bike racks which will be placed in close proximity to the school.  We have also ordered a camera that will placed outside the north entrance.  It is our hope this will keep our bikes safe and deter further thefts.  We feel awful when a student loses their bike.  Just a reminder that it is our practice to keep scooters in the office for the day since these cannot be locked securely.
We have now set up on-line payments for last year’s yearbook, and the 2020-21 yearbook.  Both are available to purchase on-line on our Sacred Heart website on the student tab.  Also, a gentle reminder that student fees are due.  The grade K-4 student fees are $10, and Grade 5-8 fees are $5.  We understand families may need extra time to pay fees, if this is the case, please send in your fees when you can.
Just a reminder that we are having our first virtual SCC meeting on Google Meets.  The meeting is set for Tuesday, October 6, at 6:30.  It is very easy to log on to Google Meets and enter the passcode “SCC”.  We will be there!
Also, a reminder that there is no school for this upcoming Friday, October 9, due to teacher Professional Development and Monday, October 12, is Thanksgiving.  October 26 is election day and teachers had a PD day that day as well. 
Have a wonderful weekend!
Rita Giroux

News & Announcements

Fellinger & Sons Meat Fundraiser Featured Photo

Fellinger & Sons Meat Fundraiser

Sacred Heart is partnering with Fellinger & Sons to do a meat fundraiser. You can view the list and order on our website by going to the Student tab, or use the form that was emailed home and sending a cheque or cash to school.

Pizza Lunch

Pizza lunch will be this week, Thursday, November 26!

Mask Protocol Update

This update to the Holy Trinity mask protocol is based on information received from the Chief Medical Health Officer and a review of safety process compliance during September and October.

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  • 3:35PM End of the Day

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