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Principal’s Message

Dear Sacred Heart Families,
I truly hope everyone is doing well at this time and slowly getting back to some sort of routine.  It seems so long that school has been out of the building.  I can’t imagine how much our children will have grown, and I know the staff and I can’t wait to see them again!  With only a few weeks left in June, I just wanted to inform you of a few things coming up in the next few weeks.  
Fall 2020
As most of you have heard, students will be physically attending Sacred Heart in the fall.  This means that we are preparing for in-school instruction.  However, we are expecting many regulations will be in place to ensure students and staff are safe.  The division office is collaborating closely with the Ministry of Health and Education.  In order to follow all the safety precautions, the division office is preparing for all possibilities.  We are preparing for an in-school program, hybrid of both distant learning and in-school instruction, and only distant learning.  Therefore, teachers are preparing digital distant learning lessons and preparing for in-school instruction.  I wish I had more answers for you as we move forward at this time, however, please know that Sacred Heart staff and our Holy Trinity Division Office are keeping your child’s safety in the forefront at this time.  I will be communicating with you and will provide you with updates throughout the summer.  However, it likely will be closer to August when definite plans will be finalized.  I thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. I know it is not easy.
Chromebook Return
If you have borrowed a Chromebook from Holy Trinity, we are asking that all be returned to Division Office between June 24-26.  More information will be given next week on the specific day designated for Sacred Heart.  The division office address is 445-13th Avenue N.E.
The SCC would like to thank all our Sacred Heart families for your support over this past year.  The AGM was not held this spring; however, the SCC is holding the AGM this fall.  We encourage all families to get involved as a member at large or consider holding a specific role on the committee.  On behalf of all the staff and students at Sacred Heart, I would like to the thank all the members of the SCC for all their hard work and support over the past year!  We appreciate all you do!
Edsby Program
This fall, our division office is introducing a new platform of communication of your child’s learning.  The teachers have been given a quick in-service on the program, with more training coming in the fall.  It is an absolutely wonderful program and has everything we need to make communication easier and accessible.  We will have more information for you in September.  I also realize that we have thrown a lot at you lately, however, I promise you will love this program.  We are working on providing parents with videos, evening tech support, and specific information and directions that will make things as smooth as possible.  We are no longer using FreshGrade after June 30, 2020.  Thank you for your support and understanding on this matter, and trust me, if I like it and find it easy, so will you!
Yearbook Order
If you are wanting to purchase a yearbook this year, here is the link to use:  Yearbook Order Form.  I would like to thank Mrs. Lichtenwald and her team of students for preparing the yearbook for us.  There is a section designated to the digital learning component of this year due to Covid, so this yearbook will be a special edition!  The deadline for your order is June 26, 2020.
Band Registration
If your child is grade entering 6-8, our division offers a band program.  This program is primarily during the school day and transportation to and from Vanier is provided by the division.  Therefore, there is very little commitment for the families.  This is a wonderful program led by Mr. Jim Mitchell.  This is an opportunity for your child to learn to play an instrument and be part of musical group!  Instrument rentals are available as well.  If this is something your child would like to be a part of please register online.  Please let me know if providing finances for this program is a roadblock for your child’s participation.  We want all our students to have the opportunity to be part of this program if he/she has the desire and interest to do so!
If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to bring them forward.  I will keep you informed as we move forward.
Rita Giroux B.Ed, M.Ed

News & Announcements

School Start School Supplies - Order Online Featured Photo

School Start School Supplies - Order Online

Our S.C.C. is working with School Start to offer parents the chance to order their children's school supplies online. If you're still not comfortable going to multiple stores to get your shopping done, this is the perfect solution! Read the parent letter that is below and check out the School Start website. I have sent them our school supply list so once you've located Sacred Heart on their website, and your child's grade, just select the items you want to order. Each grade comes with the 'Starter' items at the top, then just select any additional items from the list. The prices are comparable to our stores, a portion of the sales are sent back to the school to help our S.C.C., and your order is mailed directly to your home!
HTCSD Playgrounds Featured Photo

HTCSD Playgrounds

The Province announced that playgrounds and beaches may open on June 12th, we know your children may be excited to use a school playground. Please take notice of the following guidelines for using school playgrounds and please note this information is subject to change as further guidance is provided to School Divisions.


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