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Sacred Heart Prekindergarten Application

Thank you for completing this confidential screener.  Saskatchewan’s Prekindergarten programs admit children based on eligibility criteria.  It is important to share as much information about your child’s growth and development as possible. 

Submitting this screening tool does not guarantee your child’s enrollment in the program.  

You will be contacted by the school division if your child qualifies. 

PreKindergarten student selection is based upon criteria developed by the Ministry of Education. Click here for more information.

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(Morning and afternoon programs will be balanced if there are two daily programs in the school) Please choose your preference.
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Has student ever before attended any school within Holy Trinity Catholic School Division?*
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Student Information

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Criteria for Admission to Prekindergarten

Prekindergarten spaces are filled throughout the year as they become available.  The screening tool is reviewed by a selection committee and children will be accepted based on the following criteria.

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Is your child experiencing speech or language difficulties?
Is your child experiencing challenges with social, emotional development?
Does your child have little or no opportunity for contact with other children?
Is your child learning English as an additional language?
Is your child currently living with only one parent?
Are any of the child’s family members absent from the home for long periods of time?
Does your child live with a teen parent?
Does either of your child’s parents have less than a high school education?
Has there been any impact in the family from a traumatic experience?
Is the family experiencing financial need?
Is the family experiencing a health care crisis?
Is there limited extended family support?
Does your child attend or receive support from?
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Parent/Guardian #1 Information

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Special Situations

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Child Care Provider

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Do you have other children attending or will be attending Holy Trinity Catholic School Division?
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Who is Catholic?*
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If Religion is other than the Catholic Faith please sign the following acknowledgement: In accordance with Administrative Procedure 300: Admission of Students, I wish to have my child/children attend a Catholic school. My child is not Catholic but an important reason why I am choosing a Catholic school is to have my child/children participate in the spiritual formation and atmosphere that Catholic schools provide. I agree to comply with and support, to the best of my ability, the vision, mission, and covenant of shared values of the school division, the Religious Education program, and the religious celebrations of the Catholic school, excluding reception of the sacraments.

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